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Assalamu alaikum… contacted me about a research project she's working on. The questions bellow are part of this. If you like, you can either reply with your answers on this blog post, or you can send her a message with your answers.

Here are the Questions

1) Were you born into a Muslim family or did you convert? If you converted, what made you decide to do so?

2) How often daily and weekly do you pray and where (at home or in mosque?)

3) Do you currently live in a predominantly Muslim region and what country is it? If not, were you born in one and what country is it?

4) What sect of Islam do you practice your faith under?

5) Would you consider yourself to be orthodox (following the texts of your religion word for word at face value/without abstract interpretation)?

6) If so, do you believe that a religious practitioner must be orthodox to be a "true" follower?

7) Do you believe that non-Muslims will be able to ascend to a type of Paradise (the equivalent to Paradise in their own religion, etc.)?

8) If you are female, do you choose to veil yourself, and if so in what matter (hijab, niqab, etc.)?

9) Do you believe that a Muslim woman is absolutely required by her faith to veil herself?

10) Do the Muslim women in your region normally veil themselves? In what manner (hijab, niqab, etc.)?

11) Do you believe that Islam justifies the beating of women by their husbands?

12) Do you feel that the Muslims living in your area are mainly orthodox?

13) Do you feel that you have a reasonable understanding of other religions?

14) Do you believe that homosexuality is immoral, and if so do you believe that a homosexual man or woman is deserving of punishment for their sexuality, earthly or divine?

15) Do you feel as though you have ever been treated differently by someone (good or bad) because of your faith?

16) Do you feel as though you have ever treated someone else differently (good or bad) because of their faith?

17) Do you believe in evolution?

18) If so, do you believe that evolution was the will of Allah or a non-divine process?

19) Do you believe that it is acceptable for a married Muslim woman to have a career, for her own personal satisfaction and/or to supplement the family income?

20) Do you believe it is acceptable for a married Muslim man to be a homemaker while his wife finances the household, because he is unable to work or find a job or because her job pays more than any job he could get/formerly had?

21) Have you ever had questions about your own faith, that you either pondered to yourself or asked someone else about?

22) Has any part of Islam ever frustrated you?

23) Have you ever felt yourself frustrated by another Muslim on matters pertaining to Islam?

24) Do you feel that if you immersed yourself in a non-Muslim culture that you might look at your own culture/faith differently?

25) Do you have anything you would like to add that was not addressed in this survey?
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April 7, 2011


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